What constitutes our work?

We fight against distributors who offer counterfeit clothing protected by trademark on the Internet.

The staff at CITO-Marketing supports brand owners by locating fake sellers on the Internet, ceasing their sales activities completely, and pursuing criminal as well as civil charges.

Our team consists of experts with extended IT abilities and years of experience in seeking out counterfeits. We have detailed insights into the processes of counterfeit sellers, are familiar with their methods of concealment, and we know how to expose them.

The distribution of "fake" items on the Internet

Renowned brands are quite aware of the fake problem. In the past, counterfeit products were solely sold on the bazars in holiday destinations. But the Internet has revolutionised the distribution channels for every single seller. Purchasing fake products on the Internet has never been easier.

Online shops and large, well-known portals provide every interested party with access to low-priced replica items. The consequences for the brands: Loss of revenue and reputational damage of the brand due to laughable quality.

Nowadays, fake products are being sold in online shops, meaning through the party’s own Internet address, as well as through various portals, such as eBay, Amazon, classifieds, and via apps.

Sellers of fake products come from a wide spectrum of society. From housewives offering counterfeit items on various portals under the pretence of wanting to sell “holiday souvenirs” to professionally organised online shops.

Sellers of fake products have become more courageous and many sell under their proper name - some with high commercial quantities.

Others are more professional and hide behind the anonymity of the Internet, frequently with a hidden IP. However, they still make many mistakes, many of them simultaneously. Due to our experiences in this are we know how to quickly establish a trusting relationship with such sellers to entrap them.

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